Acceleration of wound healing

Stimulates tissue regeneration
without any evidence of side effects
and resistance development

New possibilities for an effective wound management

Fighting pathogens – accelerating wound healing

The Plasma Jet kINPen® VET can be used for a wide range of indications including both acute and chronic wounds. Even wounds that are considered to be beyond therapy may benefit from the positive effect. The kINPen® VET accelerates wound healing based on a three-level effect:

  • Inactivation of bacteria, fungi and viruses (including multi-resistant germs such as MRSA)
  • Promotion of the microcirculation, thereby improving the oxygen
    and nutrient supply of the tissue
  • Stimulation of the growth and regeneration processes of the
    tissue until possible wound closure

The therapy is mostly painless and may have a relieving effect on pain and itching right from the first treatment. So far, no adverse complications or resistance development have been observed.

Experience from clinical application in the field of human medicine

At the moment there is a large number of international publications providing evidence of the effectiveness of cold plasma in medical applications. In this context, the plasma jet device kINPen® MED which is used for wound healing in the field of Human Medicine, is globally among the best validated technologies.

Our affiliated company neoplas med GmbH now corroborates this competence with the first placebo-controlled, patient blinded prospective study investigating the application of cold plasma in patients with diabetic foot syndrome that will provide further relevant insights on the cold plasma therapy with the Plasma Jet kINPen® MED.

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The wound and the wound healing process

Wound healing is a complex process. Its duration depends on many factors such as the severity of an injury, underlying diseases, or the age of the pet patient. Wounds are categorised as acute wounds resulting from external influences such as cuts, falls or abrasions, and chronic wounds lacking healing tendency.

The Plasma Jet kINPen® VET may present a highly effective therapy alternative especially for chronic wounds that fail to respond to conventional treatment. The plasma jet promotes and supports the wound healing processes and may potentially induce wound closure.

An overview of the wounds described above, of the wound healing phases and the functional and effective mechanism of wound healing is described below.

Wound healing phases: Acute and chronic wounds

Wound healing can be divided into three different phases. The exudation phase (cleansing, inflammation), the granulation phase (repair) and the epithelialisation phase (regeneration). Wound healing is only complete after the conclusion of all three phases.

In acute wounds the healing process is triggered by processes in the body. In chronic wounds this process is impaired, wounds are arrested in the inflammatory state and the wound has not healed even after a maximum of 8 weeks.

Often the causes for this are unknown and the wounds are difficult or impossible to treat. The healing process may take months and years without proper healing.

This is an area for the effective and efficient application of the Plasma Jet kINPen® VET. It promotes and supports the wound healing processes in chronic wounds and the treatment may lead to a potential wound closure.

Natural healing

1. Exudation phase

  • Phase of wound cleansing and infection control, the healing process starts
  • Blood coagulation starts, bleeding is stopped
  • The wound is clogged by protein (Fibrin)
  • The body’s defence cells remove dead tissue and germs

2. Granulation phase

  • Generation of new blood vessels, proteins and collagen fibres
  • The wound fills with granulation tissue, the wound diameter decreases

3. Epithelialisation phase

  • Regeneration of the tissue from the wound edges, cells of the upper skin layer (epidermis) grow into the wound (epithelialisation)
  • This leaves a scar that recedes with time

Treatment of chronic wounds:
Mode of action of the Plasma Jet kINPen® VET

In a chronic wound, the Plasma Jet kINPen® VET promotes and supports the wound healing processes that are usually triggered by the body’s own mechanisms, and it thus contributes effectively to each wound healing phase.


Has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect on the wound surface

Inactivates a wide range of micro-organisms, including multiresistant pathogens


Stimulates the cell regeneration down into the deep skin layers

Promotes the micro-circulation, thus improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue


Stimulates the tissue regeneration processes up to a possible wound closure

Accelerates wound closure up to 50 %

Effect of cold plasma on cell types

There are two different types of cells – eukaryotes and prokaryotes. The Plasma Jet kINPen® VET has the ability to safely inactivate prokaryotic micro-organisms (e.g. multi-resistant pathogens such as MRSA) in case of inflammations, as their DNA is free and unprotected inside the cell. Human cells (eukaryotes) are not affected by its action.

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