Accelerate Wound Healing,
up to 50 %

The Plasma Jet kINPen® VET: For an effective and gentle wound therapy in veterinary medicine.

The medical effects of
jet cold plasma

Our technology is based on the disruptive field of cold plasma technology that supports the wound healing process up to wound closure.


Effective inactivation of micro-organisms (including multi-resistant germs)


Stimulation of tissue regeneration down into deep skin layers


Promotion of cell proliferation and micro-circulation


No evidence of adverse side effects or resistance development reported

What is cold plasma?

More than 95% of the visible matter in the universe is plasma. Plasma is the 4th state of matter, created by energy supply and is an ionized gas that is electrically conductive.

Cold Plasma can develop highly effective antiseptic properties and initiate biological wound healing processes.

Our breakthrough innovation:
The Plasma Jet kINPen® VET

Application without skin contact, usable at any age, size or species

Precision technology with application under visual control and flexibility even with skin irregularities

Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, stimulates microcirculation

The cold plasmajet kINPen® VET can be applied in a wide range of indications, such as dermatological diseases, acute and chronic wounds. Even wounds that are considered to be beyond therapy may benefit from its positive effect. The kINPen® VET takes effect on different levels, thus accelerating wound healing potentially up to wound closure:

Wound healing through
cold plasma jet therapy

The plasmajet kINPen® VET effectively promotes wound healing by supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms throughout all phases of the process.


Has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect on the wound surface

Inactivates a wide range of micro-organisms, including multiresistant pathogens


Stimulates the cell regeneration down into the deep skin layers

Promotes the micro-circulation, thus improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue


Stimulates the tissue regeneration processes up to a possible wound closure

Accelerates wound closure up to 50 %

Practical experiences with the Plasma Jet kINPen® VET

Dr. med. vet. Christoph Klinger, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology, has worked with the Plasma Jet kINPen® VET for more than six years. Learn more about his experience and cases with jet cold plasma treatment in the veterinary medicine.

The Plasma Jet kINPen® VET

Can be applied even in recesses and cavities

Best evidence – safety and effectiveness confirmed in many pre-clinical and clinical trials

The used noble gas argon ensures a consistent plasma quality with every treatment and provides a maximum of control over the treatment process

Our Mission: Empower medical performance.

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